West Coast 6 Pack


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A brewery curated box available with 6 beers from our West Coast range. Known for being hop forward with fruity aromas and often with a pine or resin like quality coming from the hops. Pouring clear and rich from the malts and finishing crisp, dry and assertively bitter to cool and refresh in the hot US sunshine. Westie’s became popular in early 2000’s in the USA – right when our Head Brewer Bates was learning to brew. This might be why you see a lot of this style from us.

For a side by side tasting why not pick up both our East Coast and West Coast Boxes?

This West Coast 6 Pack Contains:

    • 2 x Dripping Pitch 6.7% West Coast IPA – Bold | Resin | Bitter
    • 2 x Remember When The Pub 7.1% West Coast IPA – Malt | Rich | Pine (award-winner)
    • 1 x V is for Vessel 6.4% West Coast IPA – Biscuit | Pine | Citrus (Collab with Vessel Beer Shop)
    • 1 x Catching The Big Fish 6.3% West Coast IPA – Crisp | Citrus Pith | Stone Fruits (Collab with Left Handed Giant)

Not what you’re after?

Dripping Pitch | West Coast IPA 6.7% × 2

Bold | Fruity | Bitter

In stock

Remember When The Pub | West Coast IPA 7.1% × 2

Pine | Dank | Malt

In stock

V is for Vessel | West Coast IPA 6.4%

Citrus Pith | Pine | Biscuit

In stock

Catching The Big Fish | West Coast IPA 6.3%

Crisp | Stone Fruit | Citrus Pith

In stock

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