Ways of Being 6pk | New England IPA 6%


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Tropical | Peach | Candy Sweets

Exploration of hop and yeast interplay with BOXCAR to bring enhanced mango, peach and candy with notes of tropical citrus lemon and lime to find new Ways of Being.

ALC: 6.0% vol
Hops: Citra Cryo, El Dorado, Motueka
Grist: Maris Otter, Light Munich, Flaked Oats
Yeast: House Blend

Allergens: Cereals that contain GLUTEN. Vegan and Vegetarian friendly
Additional Info
: Store Cold, pour slow, may contain sediment

As well as Multi Packs we do Mixed Packs, custom Build a Box and Gift Box options and Merch.

£7.00 each

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