Place Your Bets 6 Pack


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Our special 6 packs comes complete with a limited edition Bet The Farm pin badge and 3 versions of the same base beer to let you enjoy 3 iterations of Bet The Farm.
2 x 440ml cans from our fresh clean side as a Continental Pale and 4 x 375ml bottles of two different vintages from our fermata* range over in the barrel store as our Farmhouse Pale.
*musically speaking fermata or 𝄐 means to pause, prolong or elongate a note!
Our Fermata Range of Bet The Farm has been aged in foeder. You see, mixed fermentation is about taking things slow in fermentation no quick or kettle sours here.
The first fermata Bet The Farm aged for 13 months on white American oak, the second batch a mere 9 months.
Try each version or year side by side for the perfect a vertical tasting. Using the cans as an opener or palate cleanse between each vintage!
  • 1 x Bet The Farm Limited Run Tickets Pin Badge
  • 2 x Bet The Farm 4.5% Continental Pale (440ml)
  • 2 x Bet The Farm 𝄐 5.2% Farmhouse Pale (375ml 2020 batch no 1)
  • 2 x Bet The Farm 𝄐 5.2% Farmhouse Pale (375ml 2021 batch no 2)

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