𝄐 Fermata Special Release Mixed 9pk


Our latest Fermata Release of our award-winning Bet The Farm is here, finally – after 13months of aging in foeder. We recommend picking up this product alongside a 6 pack of Bet the Farm in can, to try both versions Fresh and Fermata Release side by side.

This 9 pack contains 3 specials in bottle :

  • 3 x 375ml Bet The Farm 𝄐 Fermata | 5.2% Farmhouse Pale – Vinous | Tropical | Vanilla
  • 3 x 375ml Dropped Limb 𝄐 Fermata | 7.0% Rustic Saison – Oak | Citrus Pith | Funk
  • 3 x 375ml Time Marches On 𝄐 Fermata | 6.0% BiΓ¨re De Garde – Dry | Light Funk | Hop Bitter

Also available in Multi Packs of 6 or 12 bottles or in our Build a Box holding up to 18 cans and 3 bottles.

As well as Multi Packs we do Mixed Packs, custom Build a Box and Gift Box options and Merch.

  • Dropped Limb 𝄐 Fermata Release | Rustic Saison 7% × 3

    Oak | Citrus Pith | Funk

    Rustic Saison experimenting with logs added in the coolship to bring aged oak depth. Tart and dry leading to ripe umami and citrus pith, with a light barnyard funk.

    £7.80 each

    In stock

  • Bet The Farm 𝄐 Fermata Release | Farmhouse Pale 5.2% × 3

    Vinous | Tropical | Vanilla

    Tropical fruits on the nose with a very light hay funk that leads into dry and light vanilla oak tannins. Medium body and full mouthfeel after 13 months in foeder.

    £7.50 each

    In stock

  • Time Marches On 𝄐 Fermata Release | BiΓ¨re De Garde 6% × 3

    Dry | Light Funk | Hop Bitter

    Dry, bitter, light biscuit malt undertones, with floral hop aroma giving way to a light barnyard/hay/leather that will develop deeper over time.

    £7.00 each

    In stock




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