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Is anything finer than gathering round the table to break bread? The connections we make melt away differences making any place feel like home. This table beer is meant for such occasions, finding familiarity and communality on the road. Because no matter where you are, if you go straight long enough you end up where you were.

ALC: 3% vol
Hops: Citra, Ekuanot Cryo, Amarillo
Grist: Pale Malt, Oats, Wheat, Dextrin
Yeast: House Blend

Allergens: Cereals that contain GLUTEN. Vegan and Vegetarian friendly
Additional Info
: Store Cold, pour slow, may contain sediment

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Disclaimer: New Label Update. Please note we order labels/badges in bulk. We opted to consider the environment and not waste on old assets. It is not guaranteed you will get the new assets until we have worked through existing packaging materials.




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