Ebb And Flow | American Stout 6.5%


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Festival stouts. Catwalk beers – a myriad of waffles, lactose and marshmallow. Nah. Not this one. Lighter malt roast for rounded drinkability. Hops and yeast delivering pine and fruit notes. Taste may Ebb & Flow but with this American stout – less is more.

ALC: 6.5% vol
Hops: Simcoe, Cenntenial
Grist: Best Ale, Dark Munich, Chocolate Malt, Smooth Chocolate Malt, Brown Malt, Flaked Oats, Black Malt
Yeast: House Blend

Allergens: Cereals that contain GLUTEN. Vegan and Vegetarian friendly
Additional Info
: Store Cold, pour slow, may contain sediment

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