East Coast 6 Pack


East Is Best

A brewery curated box available with 6 beers from our East Coast range. Known for being juicy, hop forward and smelling of tropical fruits from the hop varieties and often with a pillowy soft texture from the water profile. Pouring slightly hazy and finishing very rounded with a low bitterness. East Coast styles including New England IPA’s seem to have become ‘du jour’. For us above all they must be refreshing and balanced. Taste for yourself.

For a side by side tasting why not pick up both our East Coast and West Coast Boxes?

This East Coast 6 Pack Contains:

  • 2 x Turtles All The Way Down 5.5% American Pale Ale – Soft | Juicy | Tropical (award-winner)
  • 2 x You End Up Where You Were 3.0% Table Pale – Crisp | Citrus | Light
  • 1 x Shifting Baseline 5.0% Pale Ale – Mango | Soft | Stone Fruit
  • 1 x Lean Into Fear 6.0% New England IPA – Resin | Pineapple | Citrus

Not what you’re after?

Turtles All The Way Down | American Pale 5.5% × 2

Soft | Juicy | Tropical

In stock

You End Up Where You Were | Table Pale 3% × 2

Crisp | Citrus | Light

In stock

Shifting Baseline | Pale Ale 5%

Mango | Stone Fruit | Soft

In stock

Lean Into Fear | New England IPA 6%

Citrus | Pineapple | Resin

In stock

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