Doses 6pk | Pilsner 5.1%


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Dry | Floral | Crisp

A perfect spring, summer beer. Need a simple beer for straight-up refreshment? This sessionable classic style German Pilsner is invigorating, deliciously dry and floral. Clean and crisp with accentuated German hops Doses is a bigger follow up to Small Doses our Lil’ Pils.

ALC: 5.1% vol
Hops: Hallertau Mittelfruh, Saphir, Saaz
Grist: Pilsner, Wheat, Chit
Yeast: German Lager Yeast

Allergens: Cereals that contain GLUTEN. Vegan and Vegetarian friendly
Additional Info
: Store Cold, pour slow, may contain sediment

As well as Multi Packs we do Mixed Packs, custom Build a Box and Gift Box options and Merch.

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