4pk + Coffee Gift

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Pick 4 beers to go with a 200g tin of Two Brews One Heart – a whole bean natural Ethiopian blend roasted for us by our neighbours The Brew Project

Notes of jasmine, sweet lychee and a full roast flavour on this filter coffee blend. Enough coffee for 14 cups with 4 x 440ml beers. An ideal gift option or simply keep it all to yourself to enjoy well-brewed drinks morning or night!

Tin refills available at our kiosks make savings for you and the planet on your next purchase.

As well as Build a Box and custom Gift options we do Mixed Packs and Multi Packs and Merch.

  • 2 Brews 1 Heart

    Full Roast | Jasmine | Sweet Lychee
    *Included in this bundle*

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  • You End Up Where You Were | Table Pale 3%

    Crisp | Citrus | Light

    An elegant citrus beer crisp, light and enjoyable made for when you need easy refreshment in a table beer without too much complication

  • Bet The Farm | Continental Pale 4.5%

    Crisp | Floral | Dry | Light

    A crisp, dry malt forward Continental Pale. Lightly floral with a bitter finish. Rustic foeder version coming soon.

  • Promise of Spring | Wheat Beer 5%

    Floral | Tropical | Soft

    Lightly tart and wonderfully complex this Norfolk Wit uses local Gorse blossoms from the farm and orange peel to bring a zing to spring

  • Sweeping Coast | West Coast Pale Ale 4.8%

    Bright | Fresh | Resinous

    Clean and bright, this West Coast pale has a dry palate to let these classic American hops shine through with Mosaic, Azacca, Simcoe hops. Fresh, vibrant and resinous.

  • Little Fanfare | Grisette 3.8%

    Spritz | Citrus | Dry

    A total thirst quencher, full of spritz and light citrus. Providing a gentle, dry refreshment after a days work

  • Happiness Runs | West Coast Pale 3.5%

    Orange Pith | Pine | Malt

    Using a new Australian hop called "Eclipse" brings a bright orange pith and pine aroma, layered onto a complex biscuity malt bill. A delicate bitter snap finishes the beer.

  • Doses | Pilsner 5.1%

    Dry | Floral | Crisp

    Sessionable classic style German Pilsner. Crisp with light floral notes. Need a simple beer for straight up refreshment? Sometimes you just need the world set to an uncomplicated dosage you can handle.

  • Bend Before You Break | Pale Ale 4.5%

    Soft | Tropical | Apricot

    Following Shifting Baseline this heavy hopped Pale Ale brings pineapple and clementine and stone fruit esters, a silky soft mouthfeel and bright new perspectives.

  • Strong Opinions, Held Lightly | IPA 6.2%

    Refined | Fruity | Aromatic

    An OG IPA punchy aromatic hops, bold and fruity, a nice snap of bitterness to end refreshingly crisp. Notes of Mango, Peach and Pine Resin to the nose.

  • Lean Into Fear | New England IPA 6%

    Citrus | Pineapple | Resin
    Fruity esters mingle with Idaho 7 and Asacca hops. Crisp Pilsner malt with full oaty richness, interplay with juicy hop oils. Soft mouthfeel from a considered water profile.

  • Baubles of Vanity | West Coast Pale 5.2%

    Crisp | Dank | Fruity

    Full fruit basket of aromas, slightly dank undertones and rich mouthfeel deliver a rounded beer ending crisp and bitter as all West Coasts should.

  • Dripping Pitch | West Coast IPA 6.7%

    Bold | Fruity | Resinous | Bitter

    A return to the original West Coast IPA when a big hop aroma, a resinous mouthfeel and a clean snap of bitterness delivered pure gulpability.

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